Propecia & Proscar, and the Causal Link to Erectile Dysfunction

If you have prostate problems or suffer from male pattern baldness, the so-called “cure might be worse than the disease.” Two of the products that are often prescribed to treat these ailments – Propecia and Proscar – can have the undesired effect of causing erectile dysfunction.

Propecia is often prescribed to treat male baldness. Proscar is a drug prescribed to treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Unfortunately, both drugs have been found to cause erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual drive, shrinking genitals, and pain in the genitals. Psychological issues caused by the drugs include depression, anxiety, and mental fogginess. To make matters worse, even when the initial use of Propecia or Proscar does not cause these adverse side effects, one needs to be careful because prolonged usage may still cause the adverse side effects.

Merck & Co. is the manufacturer of Propecia and Proscar. Both drugs contain the active ingredient Finasteride. It has recently been revealed that Merck has received over 400 reports of sexual dysfunction over the past decade from users of the drugs. In 2011, the FDA required Merck to change the label for Propecia and Proscar so that consumers of the drug would be aware of the possible side effects of erectile dysfunction, low libido, ejaculation and orgasm problems.

In the past few years, litigation has commenced on behalf of men who were not fully advised of the adverse effect of these drugs. On plaintiff, who was 25 years of age when he took Proscar, became disinterested in sexual activity and was unable to maintain an erection shortly after taking the drug. Most disconcerting, the side effects have not disappeared even after he has discontinued the use of Proscar.

In November of 2012, Merck announced that it was named in 265 lawsuits in New York and New Jersey over the sexual side effects of Propecia. Merck has made it clear they will be fighting these lawsuits, even though the company was aware of the drugs’ horrific side effects prior to its manufacturing of the drugs.

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Gregory Posch, student intern Jacoby & Meyers.