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Jacoby & Meyers has law offices located throughout the United States.

Jacoby & Meyers Mass Torts is a separate law firm comprised of attorneys with about 100 years of legal experience. Our Managing Partner, Richard Kellner, is one of the leading mass tort attorneys who has worked on most of the major pharmaceutical cases in the past 10 years. Mr. Kellner and partner Chase Givens head up a team of attorneys who are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality legal representation.

Our firm customarily brings in other law firms as part of the team that will prosecute your case. The law firms must be top mass tort litigators who have leadership positions in the Plaintiffs Steering Committees for the pharmaceutical and mass tort litigations that are prosecuting. Unlike firms who “warehouse” cases – our team of attorneys are litigators who actively prosecute mass torts and have the experience to bring your case to trial if the pharmaceutical drug companies are not willing to provide you with the compensation we believe is appropriate for your injuries.

At Jacoby & Meyers Mass Torts, we value our clients and our duty to provide you with high quality represent legal representation in a compassionate and respectful manner. With Jacoby & Meyers, you have a powerful ally on your side. We have assembled the resources necessary to represent you against the giant pharmaceutical companies. Our clients are our priority.

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