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Jacoby & Meyers has been dedicated to representing plaintiffs against large corporations and insurance companies for over 40 years. The firm was founded in 1972 by Leonard Jacoby and Stephen Meyers (1943-1996) based upon their revolutionary belief that there needed to be law firm dedicated to providing top-quality legal representation to everyone. Unlike corporations and wealthy individuals who could afford the best attorneys money could buy, the rest of us were left with the inability to get high quality lawyers to represent the typical citizen of our country.

Len and Steve believed the vast majority of middle income Americans were underserved by the legal status quo. The wealthy could easily afford expensive legal services, while the poor could turn to free legal aid, but the middle class had practically no options. They opened their first office in a San Fernando Valley shopping center, because they wanted the law firm to be easily accessible and convenient for the average person.

Needless to say, not everyone believed in giving the average person access to top quality legal representation. At the grand opening of the first Jacoby & Meyers office in Van Nuys, California, the local bar association claimed that it was improper for Jacoby & Meyers to provide interviews and comments to the media – because it was unethical advertising. The firm fought this challenge to their free speech rights (and effectively the right for anyone to have a lawyer of their choosing), and the California Supreme Court ultimately ruled that the attempts to prevent Jacoby & Meyers from engaging the media violated the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Since our founding, Jacoby & Meyers has remained dedicated to providing our clients with personal service, unsurpassed legal representation and treating our clients with dignity and respect. We strive to keep all communications clear and straightforward, and will provide case evaluations so that you fully comprehend your case.

Jacoby & Meyers Mass Torts continues the tradition of our founders. We have integrated 21st Century technology in our practice and have websites where the public can obtain real information regarding the mass tort litigations that we are prosecuting. We encourage you to explore our websites and to answer questions you might have about your potential claims – either in mass torts or in personal injury actions.

As part of our mission to provide you with the legal representation to fight the large pharmaceutical companies, we often team up with other law firms that have leadership positions in the Plaintiffs Steering Committees for the pharmaceutical and mass tort litigations that are prosecuting. In this way, we can ensure that our clients get the best representation possible.

The legal system can be intimidating, but we know how it works, and we use that knowledge to your advantage. We are proud of our heritage, and we value our clients. With Jacoby & Meyers, you have a powerful ally on your side.


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