Jalyn is a combination of dutasteride and tamsulosin. It works to prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotesterone (DHT). DHT is one of the causes of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Jalyn is used to treat BPH in men with an enlarged prostate. It is classified as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor (5-ARI).

In two studies, the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT) and the Reduction by Dutasteride of Prostate Cancer Events (REDUCE) Trial, Jalyn, and drugs similar to it, were linked to an increased risk of high-grade prostate cancer.

Both studies found that while the drugs decreased the risk of developing lower-risk forms of prostate cancer by as much as 26 percent, it increased the risk of developing a higher-grade version, which spreads more rapidly.

Jalyn has also been linked to sexual side effects including less desire for sex, erectile dysfunction, decrease in the amount of semen, problems with ejaculation, gynecomastia, impotence, testicular pain and male breast cancer.

Serious side effects may include:

  • Feeling like you might pass out
  • Penis erection that is painful or lasts four hours or longer
  • Less serious side effects may include:
  • Decreased libido (sex drive)
  • Decreased amount of semen released during sex
  • Impotence (trouble getting or keeping an erection)
  • Breast tenderness or enlargement
  • Mild dizziness
  • Runny nose
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