Selegiline (Transdermal)

Transdermal Selegiline is used to treat depression. This medication comes in the form of a medicated patch that is applied to the skin and left there for 24 hours at a time. This medication changes the chemical makeup of the brain in order to promote mental balance and to reduce and eliminate feelings of depression, anger and worthlessness.

Side Effects/Warnings

Some people become more depressed on this medication, especially during the first few weeks of treatment. These patients may have suicidal thoughts and feelings and may engage in self-harming behavior. Younger people are more prone to this side effect, but anyone who is on this medication should be monitored for suicide risk, especially when first beginning the medication.

It’s important to use the medication exactly as directed in order to avoid potential overdose problems. Patients also should not stop taking the medication without talking to their doctors in order to avoid serious withdrawal symptoms in addition to a resurgence of symptoms.

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