Norfloxacin (Oral)

Norfloxacin is a fluoroquinolone medication. Fluroquinolones are a type of antibiotic that is prescribed to treat certain types of infections. Norfloxacin is most often prescribed to treat urinary tract infections in both men and women and prostate infections in men. This medication kills bacteria that contribute to infection.

Side Effects/Warnings

Patients who take Norfloxacin may develop tendinitis, a painful inflammation of the tendons connecting muscles to bones in their ankles, legs, shoulders and hands. This inflammation makes movement painful; if left untreated, it can lead to ruptured tendons. Ruptured tendons require corrective surgery. Patients over the age of 60 have a greater risk than other patients of developing this condition while on Norfloxacin.

Patients who have myasthenia gravis should not take this medication. Norfloxacin can fatally weaken muscles in these patients.

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