Women who want to terminate a pregnancy in the first 49 days sometimes take Mifepristone in addition to other drugs in a hospital or clinic. This medication blocks progesterone, a hormone the body uses to help sustain pregnancy. When taken in conjunction with other anti-pregnancy drugs, it induces a miscarriage so that the pregnancy terminates. This medication may also be used to induce labor in women who have carried their babies past their due dates.

Side Effects/Warnings

This medication causes vaginal bleeding for up to 30 days. In some patients, it can cause heavy bleeding for long periods of time, causing the patient to lose dangerous amounts of blood. If you are concerned by the amount of bleeding you are experiencing, go to the emergency room.

Miscarriages and abortions carry the risk of serious infection. If you have symptoms such as fever, chills, nausea and vomiting, see your doctor immediately. You may need treatment to stop infection from spreading. Infections may be fatal if not treated promptly.

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