Methamphetamines are often used to help both children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder focus on tasks and sit still. This medication stimulates the nervous system in order to aid patients with focus and concentration.

Side Effects/Warnings

Methamphetamines are potentially extremely addictive. Patients who have a history of drug abuse should not use this drug. The drug must be used only as directed; patients should never take a larger dose than prescribed without consulting their doctors. Patients should also only take this drug orally; they should not crush it and snort it or use it for any purpose other than for controlling ADHD symptoms. Misuse of this drug can be fatal.

Using methamphetamines for a long period of time can cause physical dependence. Suddenly stopping after long-term use of the drug can cause seizures and heart attacks as well as mood swings. Patients should gradually taper off this drug if they want to stop using it.

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