Imipiramine Pamoate

Imipramine pamoate is prescribed to both adults and children. Children who have problems wetting the bed in their sleep sometimes take this medication, while adults who suffer from chronic or debilitating depression may also take it to alleviate their mental distress. This medication changes brain chemistry to eliminate depression and promote mental balance.

Side Effects/Warnings

Parents of children who take this medication to stop bedwetting should observe their children carefully for signs of extreme depression and suicidal thoughts. People under the age of 24 are susceptible to suicidal impulses while on antidepressant medications. Symptoms include extreme lethargy, obsession with thoughts of death, stating openly that others would be better of without them or that they wish to die, and giving away prized possessions to loved ones. All patients on this medication should be assessed regularly for suicide risk, although younger patients are more likely to experience this side effect.

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