Ibritumomab tiuxetan

Ibritumomab tiuxetan is used to treat non-Hodgkins lymphoma. This medication contains radioactive elements; it finds cancer cells and uses radiation to destroy them. It is usually prescribed to patients who have not been able to eradicate cancer via less aggressive treatment.

Side Effects/Warnings

Patients may have a severe allergic reaction to this medication, especially after the first dose. The first dose should be given in a hospital where patients can be kept under observation for 24 hours to make sure they don’t have a negative reaction. Swelling of the face, hives or difficulty breathing are symptoms of this reaction that must be treated right away.

This medication causes patients’ blood cell count to become low. As a result, patients become extremely susceptible to infections. See your doctor immediately if you have a fever, sore throat or chills. You should also seek medical attention if you begin bruising easily or bleeding excessively.

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