Felbamate is an anti-seizure drug that is prescribed to both children and adults with severe epilepsy or other diseases that cause seizures such as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. This drug is usually given only to patients who have not improved after other treatments for seizures. It works by inhibiting abnormal brain actiity.

Side Effects/Warnings

Felbamate can cause aplastic anemia, a serious blood condition in which the body stops making enough blood cells. Aplastic anemia causes infections since the body no longer makes white blood cells, which are involved in immune system function. Patients should call their doctors immediately if they have any symptoms of infection such as fever, chills, sore throat or nausea.

This medication can also cause liver damage. Patients need to seek immediate medical treatment if they have severe stomach pain, nausea, brown urine, tarry stools or jaundice.

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