Desvenlafaxine is an anti-depressant medication that is often prescribed to patients who have chronic feelings of depression, sadness, anger, guilt and worthlessness. This medication adjusts the amount of serotonin in the brain in order to help patients feel more mentally balanced and reduce these negative emotional states.

Warnings/Side Effects

Patients often become physically dependent on Desvenlaxfaxine. This medication changes the chemicals in the brain; as a result, the body can’t function normally without it, and abruptly stopping the medication can cause serious illnesses. Sudden withdrawal from the medication often causes high blood pressure, heart attacks, seizures and severe mood swings.

Some people–particularly those under the age of 24–become more depressed while on this medication. These people may have suicidal thoughts and feelings and become in danger of hurting themselves. Patients should be monitored for suicide risk while on this medication.

Pregnant women should avoid taking this medication because anti-depressants can cause severe birth defects.

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