Daunorubicin (Liposomal)

The liposomal version of Daunorubicin is prescribed to treat advanced Kaposi’s sarcoma, a type of cancer where the patient develops abnormal growths in a variety of body tissues. This type of cancer usually occurs only in people who have AIDS. The medication is injected directly into veins in order to slow the growth of cancer cells throughout the body.

Warnings/Side Effects

This medication can cause serious heart disease. The heart may stop pumping as effectively while on the medication, and the damage to the heart may continue for a month after stopping medication. Patients who have suffered from heart disease in the past should not take the medication, and all patients should have regular EKGs to ensure their heart is functioning appropriately.

Liposomal Daunorubicin is also associated with liver disease. Patients who have severe stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, jaundice, brown urine or tarry stools should contact their doctors immediately.

This medication further compromises the immune system, so patients may suffer from infectious illness while on it.

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