Contraceptives Containing Estrogen

Contraceptives containing estrogen are prescribed to women who do not want to get pregnant but want to engage in sexual activity. These medications increase the amount of estrogen in the body so that hormone levels are similar to those the woman would experience if she were pregnant. This stops the body from releasing eggs because it thinks it is already pregnant. The pills also thicken the cervix to stop sperm from getting through and make the uterus lining thinner to reduce the chances of a fertilized egg attaching to the uterus.

Warnings/Side Effects

Although these contraceptives protect against pregnancy, they don’t protect against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Women who take this medication should use other forms of protection in order to ensure they do not get AIDS or other STDs.

Women who smoke are at an increased risk of blood clots, heart attacks and strokes if they take contraceptives containing estrogen. This is especially true if they are over 35 years old.

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