Chlorpromozine is an anti-psychotic drug that can help people with schizophrenia eliminate hallucinations and delusions. It is also used to treat other psychotic diseases such as extreme manic episodes that include hallucinations. Some doctors prescribe it to control psychotic dementia in elderly people.

Warnings/Side Effects

Elderly people who take this medication are more likely to die of a sudden heart attack or of pneumonia than elderly people who don’t take this medication. For this reason, Chlorpromazine is not approved for use in treating psychotic dementia in elderly people.

People who take this medication may experience a wide range of side effects. They may be restless and agitated, while they may also shuffle rather than walking and find that parts of their bodies move more slowly than usual. Women on this drug may miss menstrual periods or experience breast enlargement. In some cases, patients may have seizures or other uncontrollable body movements.

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