Basliiximab is an immunosuppressive drug that is sometimes given to patients following an organ transplant. This drug temporarily interferes with the immune system’s ability to fight infections so that it doesn’t attack the “foreign” organ.

Warnings/Side Effects

Basiliximab increases the risk of severe infections because it compromises the immune system’s ability to eliminate bacteria and viruses from the body. Patients may get chills, fever, pneumonia or other infections as a result of taking this medication.

A small number of patients have a hypersensitive reaction to Basiliximab, which causes a variety of life-threatening side effects such as low blood pressure, cardiac arrest and respiratory illness.

Pregnant women should not take this medication because its effect on unborn children is unknown. Similarly, mothers who are nursing should not take Basiliximab because they may transmit the medication to their children through breast milk.

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