Anti-thymocyte Globulin (equine)

Anti-thymocyte globulin (Equine) is used to help the body accept transplanted organs. It is most commonly used to suppress the immune system following kidney transplants. This medication temporarily stops the immune system from working so that it doesn’t view the transplanted kidney as a foreign body and attempt to eliminate it.

Warnings/Side Effects

This drug can cause a fatal allergic reaction in patients who are allergic to horses. Patients who take this drug should be monitored carefully for signs of a serious allergic reaction such as swelling of the face, tongue or throat, itching and hives. Swelling of the throat, tongue or face can interfere with breathing, so it’s important to get medical attention as soon as possible if this reaction occurs.

Since this drug suppresses the immune system, patients who are on it are at increased risk of serious illnesses. Patients often experience fever, chills and nausea while on this drug and some patients may become dizzy and have difficulty standing or walking by themselves.

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